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About US

In early 2000, we created Surf Lessons Puerto Rico. We started with a simple idea in mind. We wanted to provide you with more than a surf lesson. We want to provide you with a surfing experience. Something that will become one of most memorable times of your life.

Surf Lessons Puerto Rico has the very best local surf instructors. Our pristine secluded beaches have perfect rolling beginner waves. Surf Lessons Puerto Rico also uses International Surfing Association teaching guidelines and safety rules. This combination has been our winning recipe for success.

We take great pride in the Surf Lessons Puerto Rico team.

We work together to insure you receive the highest quality experience. We’ve received hundreds of testimonial letters and emails. Our clients say it was not just the surf lesson that was excellent. It was the instructors and staff that made their experience so special. Our team is rooted in the values of the safety first which translates to “taking care of people”, above everything else.

Our knowledgeable instructors have over 21 years of combined experience . They will use their skills to teach you the finer points of catching waves and, turning techniques both on the shore, and in the water. We choose surf sites based on current ocean conditions. We will find you the best surf breaks for successful learning.

Surf Lessons Puerto Rico is authorized to operate under the laws of both the US and Puerto Rican governments. Also, we are the only surf school in Rincon with instructors duly certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA). We also have CPR and rescue licenses.


To provide you with the highest level of education in the “Art of Surfing”. To make sure your time with Surf Lessons Puerto Rico is “The ride of your life”.


To maintain our status as the best surfing school in Puerto Rico.


Classes fill up quickly and we run on a tight margin. Schedule your lesson today to guarantee your spot.