Frequently asked questions

1. Where are you located?

Surf Lessons Puerto Rico brings services to the entire west area of Puerto Rico. In addition to this site we also currently work with about 150 hotels and guest houses.

2. Where do I meet for the surf lessons?

Our staff will email or call you with directions after you sign up with information regarding where we will meet.

3. What is the water temperature like?

Our tropical weather feels like summer all year round. The temperature of the water is a comfortable 78ºF – 84ºF. Wetsuits are not welcome! 

4. What kind of instructors do you have?

All of our instructors are experienced surfers and competitors, some are even professional! They are all certified in CPR, first aid, and most are certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

5. Do you rent surf boards after our lessons?

You are welcome to rent our surf boards after your lesson if we have the equipment available.

6. How good of a swimmer do I need to be?

You need to be able to swim with your head above water and must be able to swim to shore.

7. What kind of preparation can I do to help my surfing?

It is important to know that a person with good health and physical condition can get better results than inactive people. You can prepare your bodies at least one month prior to the surf lesson by swimming, stretching, doing pushups, rowing exercises and preparing your biceps and triceps. Yoga is an excellent compliment for people who take surfing seriously.

8. What kind of diet is recommended for surfers?

Surf is a very dynamic sport and you need lots of energy and explosion. A good balanced healthy diet is always recommended for any physical activity.

9. Are there stores and restaurants in the area?

We are situated within close distance of popular restaurants, clothing stores, and supermarkets.

10. How do I book my lesson?

In order to book a confirmed lesson, you need to enter at the Rates & Booking tab, read the cancelation policy and push the PayPal button. If you book 24 hours before the lesson, you need to book by phone, call us @ 787-617-4731.

11. What should I wear?

Wear comfortable swim shorts and tops. You can bring your own rash guard, but we can provide one if you don’t have your own.

12. How big do the waves get?

The waves average from knee to chest high. The reason for these gentle waves is because we focus in safety first of our guests. If weather conditions do not allow the development of the lesson, we will reschedule the service.

13. Are there lessons offered everyday?

Yes, we are available all year round, but you need to check availability.

14. What type of surf board we will be using?

We will be using the right surfboard that fits according to your measurements; usually we use professional long boards. If you are an advanced level surfer we can use high performance short boards.

15. What type of payment do you accept?

You can make your payment through our webpage and reserve the space with your credit card. You have also the option to pay cash at the day of the lesson, but we will need a credit card as a deposit to hold your space at time of booking. This is only a deposit and will be discarded once the payment in cash is made.

16. Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, go to the Rates & Booking tab to read our cancellation policy.