Puerto Rico Surf Lessons

Puerto Rico Surf Lessons

What will you learn?

Our Puerto Rico surf lessons present you with lessons in the physical, social and environmental aspects of surfing. Our course outline incorporates real life situations with each lesson building on the one before as you work through the program.

Whether is your first time in the ocean or you’re an experienced surfer, Surf Lessons Puerto Rico can work with you.
You will gain the following benefits:

  • You will learn how to chose the right surf equipment.
  • You will learn the rules and codes of behavior of surfing.
  • You will develop skills that give you consistency in control of the surf board.
  • You will learn about the ecological dynamics surrounding a coastal environment.
  • Most of all you will gain the confidence it takes to be a good surfer.


Our lessons are divided into levels.

The level of difficulty is from 1-5 Easy to Moderate.

Puerto Rico Surf Lessons Basic Program

  • Safe surf conditions and ocean awareness
  • Tides and currents
  • Safe surfing procedures
  • Rules of the surf zone
  • Equipment
  • Basic paddling skills and surfing skills
  • Catching waves
  • Standing up
  • Turning techniques
  • Surfers as environmentalists

Puerto Rico Surf Lessons Levels 1 through 5

  • Fitness skills for surfing
  • Surf etiquette
  • Assessment of beach conditions
  • Wave zone negotiation skills
  • Wave selection
  • Advanced paddling and surfing skills
  • Advanced turning techniques
  • Ability to maneuver in various surf conditions
Our Puerto Rico surf lessons are the quickest and easiest way to learn how to surf or to improve upon what you already know. All equipment, Leashes, Surf Wax, Surf Boards, and Rash Guards are included
The session will begin with a short lesson on the beach with a follow up on your new skills. After that, you will be on the water focusing on fine-tuning your ability to catch waves.

Guests need to be comfortable swimming in the ocean with small waves. For people who already know surfing ask for Surfing Charter Service. (don’t worry about the crowds we are the locals).